n. & v.
1 a piece of work, esp. one done for hire or profit.
2 a paid position of employment.
3 colloq. anything one has to do.
4 colloq. a difficult task (had a job to find them).
5 a product of work, esp. if well done.
6 Computing an item of work regarded separately.
7 sl. a crime, esp. a robbery.
8 a transaction in which private advantage prevails over duty or public interest.
9 a state of affairs or set of circumstances (is a bad job).
—v. (jobbed, jobbing)
1 intr. do jobs; do piece-work.
2 a intr. deal in stocks. b tr. buy and sell (stocks or goods) as a middleman.
3 a intr. turn a position of trust to private advantage. b tr. deal corruptly with (a matter).
4 tr. US sl. swindle.
Phrases and idioms:
job-control language Computing a language enabling the user to determine the tasks to be undertaken by the operating system. job-hunt colloq. seek employment. job lot a miscellaneous group of articles, esp. bought together. jobs for the boys colloq. profitable situations etc. to reward one's supporters. job-sharing an arrangement by which a full-time job is done jointly by several part-time employees who share the remuneration. just the job colloq. exactly what is wanted. make a job (or good job) of do thoroughly or successfully. on the job colloq.
1 at work; in the course of doing a piece of work.
2 engaged in sexual intercourse. out of a job unemployed.
Etymology: 16th c.: orig. unkn.
v. & n.
—v. (jobbed, jobbing)
1 tr. prod; stab slightly.
2 intr. (foll. by at) thrust.
—n. a prod or thrust; a jerk at a horse's bit.
Etymology: ME, app. imit.: cf. JAB

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